5 negative points for Washington Football Team vs Packers

The Washington football team found another way to lose Sunday to the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field, but that likely puts an end to any hopes for a division title or playoff appearance this season.

Your Washington football team had several golden chances to claim a surprise victory over the Packers on Sunday afternoon. The only problem Washington faced was, you guessed it, Burgundy and Gold. The Packers were clearly dominated by visitors from northern Virginia, and Washington miserably failed to enjoy any hospitality on Sunday. The loss practically puts Washington out of any hope of returning to the playoffs and winning a second straight NFC East title.

Washington managed to make it a game for two quarters and had a few more opportunities in the final fifteen minutes, but self-inflicted blunders, mistakes and rotten good old luck doomed any upset effort. The score will reflect a loss at the hands of Green Bay, but the Ashburn boys had a real fight on Sunday afternoon. Strategist Taylor heinicke gave everything, but it was not enough. And Heinicke also had his problems. It was encouraging to see the team giving the Packers everything they could endure, but moral wins don’t count towards the win column.

Washington’s season is dangerously close to being on life support, but the disease known as “red zone-itis” crippled the team’s chances on Sunday. We’ll have more on that later, but the unnamed team had a very realistic chance of securing a huge victory in the frozen tundra of northern Wisconsin. The statistics which caused the defeat are staggering and difficult to understand, but a professional football team simply cannot be so inept and hope to win.

Welcome to our weekly analysis of the last game as we work to dissect a mind-boggling loss and a new level of futility from the Washington football team. We’ll give you five main negatives of Sunday’s loss and rate each unit based on its performance. There is no ranking on the curve this week. There is praise for various games and performances, but let’s be honest – a loss is a loss and it is magnified this week due to the loss of the team. Winning in a bad way is good and losing in a pretty way is always a loss, but losing in a bad way is unacceptable. Washington’s loss to Green Bay is the kind of inexcusable ugliness.

In addition to the five negatives, we’ll also take a look at the game in Denver this Sunday against the Broncos and come up with a prediction. How do you think Washington will fare this Sunday in Denver? Is the season fundamentally over? Are you optimistic about a return in 2021? We’ll offer our thoughts and see what Riggo’s Rag crystal ball predicts for Sunday’s trip to Colorado’s Front Range.

1. Red zone failures

The number of red zone issues that haunted the Washington football team on Sunday was scarier than a Halloween nightmare on a dark, stormy night. The numbers are frightening. Besides the two scores (touchdown and field goal) from Sunday’s game, Washington traveled inside the Green Bay 30-yard line eight times and came away with three points. Late in the game, Washington added a field goal after a blocked practice at the Green Bay 27-yard line.

In addition, Burgundy and Gold ventured into the Green Bay red zone four times and came away with zero points. Zero. Nada. Nothing.

The red zone failures include a mind-numbing streak where Washington had the ball well inside the Green Bay one-yard line and failed to score. It didn’t help when quarterback Taylor Heinicke slipped too early on the previous game prematurely and failed to score an easy touchdown.

These mistakes and errors doomed a very solid effort on Sunday and obviously leaves fans frustrated and demoralized. These failures in the red zone and these mental errors are the first negative point of Sunday’s game.

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