Aaron Rodgers will never forget this record-breaking night

“It was really special,” said Rodgers. “And the tribute (video) afterwards, man, that was really cool. Seeing from the first touchdown to Greg (Jennings), down the line, some of the most memorable over the years, then getting a message from Favre, m definitely made the bench cry a bit.

“It’s a moment I’ll never forget for sure, and I’m grateful for Favre’s post, the response from the guys and the crowd was obviously very special.”

It has been a season filled with countless records and accolades for Rodgers, who is the only player in team history to have both made 10 Pro Bowl teams and played 17 seasons for the organization.

Through it all, Rodgers has sought to stay “100% present” with what each of these milestones means – such as last week’s 31-30 victory over Baltimore who won the NFC North Division title for the third. consecutive year.

Rodgers’ teammates have followed suit, especially when it comes to TD’s famous record. Lazard called him the “elephant in the room” with the receivers this week, with everyone figuring out what that brand stood for.

With the ball in hand, Lazard let his instincts take over. It wasn’t until he stumbled to his feet after preparing for the touchdown that he touched the third-year receiver.

“My reaction was just like, ‘Oh, (shoot) I grabbed it,’” Lazard said. “Seeing his picture up there with the ‘443’ and then I was just thinking about my trip, that this guy threw ‘443’ touchdowns and I think I maybe 12 or something like that at the total here over the past three years. Just to be part of his legacy, to be a part of this organization. It was a great moment of gratitude, for me and for everyone as well. “

After the touchdown, Rodgers’ state of mind quickly shifted to the next record he was closing in – his 66th touchdown pass to All-Pro wide receiver Davante Adams, which would put the duo past Rodgers and Jordy Nelson for most touchdowns between a quarterback. and sequestration in the history of the franchise.

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