All-GMC football: the champion of the Tinora League at the head of the winners | Local sports

After winning the school’s first Green Meadows Conference title since 2015 and winning a first-round playoff game, Tinora won more material as senior running back KP Delarber and senior tackle Baeden Hancock have won the league’s offensive and defensive player of the year titles, respectively, as part of all-GMC football honors announced on Monday.

Delarber finished with 1,038 yards and 17 touchdowns in his final season in the Rams backfield as Tinora finished the year 10-2 before losing to Carey in the Region D quarter-finals. VI 22 Saturday. Meanwhile, Hancock finished with 54 tackles and a pair of sacks for a Rams defense that had three shutouts and allowed 10.4 points per game.

Hancock also achieved first-team offensive guard status among the winners, joining teammates Cole Commisso and Bryce Bailey and Antwerp senior Jagger Landers as the first two-way players.

To finish: Jagger Landers (Antwerp), Jackson Bergman (Hicksville), Cole Commisso (Tinora). Start working on: Bryce Bailey (Tinora), Landyn Whitman (Wayne Trace). Guardian: Mason Steel (Antwerp), Baeden Hancock (Tinora). Center: Eric Bohn (Tinora). Strategist: Carson Altimus (Antwerp). To recover: Owen Berner (Ayersville), KP Delarber (Tinora), Christian Commisso (Tinora). Kicker: Camp Dylan (Tinora).

To finish: Jagger Landers (Antwerp), Bryce Bailey (Tinora). Start working on: Kendric Robinson (Antwerp), Baeden Hancock (Tinora), Javen Gaines (Tinora). linebacker: Hayden Wagner (Antwerp), Owen Berner (Ayersville), Grady Gustwiller (Tinora). Defensive back: Kaden Recker (Antwerp), Corey Everetts (Edgerton), Cole Commisso (Tinora). Bettor: Weston Minic (Fairview).

Offensive player of the year: KP Delarber (Tinora).

Defensive Player of the Year: Baeden Hancock (Tinora).

To finish: Kaden Recker (Antwerp), Landon Brewer (Antwerp), Hayden Dales (Ayersville). Tackle: Kaden Phares (Antwerp), Tyler Hespe (Tinora). Guardian: Brady Clark (Ayersville), Nathan Sinn (Wayne Trace). Center: Brady Hatlevig (Antwerp), Jacob Stiltner (Ayersville). Strategist: Corey Everetts (Edgerton). To recover: Reid Lichty (Antwerp), Warren Nichols (Edgerton), Brandon Edwards (Tinora). Kicker: Bradley Young (Ayersville).

To finish: Jackson Bergman (Hicksville), Christian Commisso (Tinora). Start working on: Brady Clark (Ayersville), Ray Pelz (Edgerton), Dallas Dachenhaus (Tinora). linebacker: Warren Nichols (Edgerton), Kyler Blair (Fairview), Joey Guisinger (Tinora). Defensive back: Hayden Dales (Ayersville), Gavin Eckert (Tinora), Race Price (Wayne Trace). bettor: Jagger Landers (Antwerp).

Antwerp: Cam Fuller, Kaden Miller. Ayersville: Ike Eiden, Jakob Trevino. Edgerton: Kaden Picillo, Quentin Blue. Fairview: Brady Karzynow, Easton Kime. Hicksville: Kyler Baird, Cade White. Paulding: Dawson Lamb, Sam Woods. Tinora: Cole Anders, Nolan Schafer. Wayne Trace: Brayson Parrish, Joel Reinhart.

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