American Flag Football League entertaining and challenging

It’s the start of the football season.

Semi-pro, I mean college football is about to begin. The NFL wraps up its annual dress rehearsal of pranks.

At least we got a taste of the Friday night lights this weekend with the high school football kick-off in the state.

But there was a bonus with high-profile football in Houston on Saturday.

The Vanita Krouch Show was just down the street from where the Houston Texans are playing.

While I’m not claiming Vanita Krouch could start as the Texans quarterback, I assure you no Texans quarterback will match the day she had in the American Flag Football League on Saturday.

And it’s even more unlikely that anyone on the Texan roster will become a Hall of Fame. Krouch, a former SMU playmaker, was inducted into the United States Flag and Touch Football League’s National Hall of Fame in 2016.

Krouch was spectacular in a resounding victory in the league semifinals, completing 18 of 22 passes for 280 yards with seven touchdowns. The Championship game was a little tougher, but she still had 17 of 22 passes for 245 yards and threw three more touchdowns to lead the Academy to a 26-0 victory.

Two games, 10 touchdowns, nine incompleteness. My God.

Krouch couldn’t play for the Texans, but right now I’d rather watch Krouch play than the Texans.

I have to give AFFL credit. It’s funny!

It’s not the “two below” you might play with the family at vacation get-togethers, or a kids’ flag ball they made you play in college PE class.

We are talking about elite skills and athleticism.

No, it’s not the NFL – and it doesn’t try to be – but it’s entertaining.

And that’s a challenge. While not a collision sport like tackle football, it is physical. Lewis said he had heard from a number of former NFL players who wanted to play, but their bodies couldn’t take the work.

Now is not the time to play. It’s true.

Catch of jumps, holds of dives and patterns of flies leaving the cornerbacks in the dust, or rather the humidity as was the case after the delay of the rain on Saturday.

In addition, there is the bonus for women playing, and there will be a mixed match on Sunday morning before the men’s final at Aveva Stadium, which is next to the Dynamo training center.

From throws (no kicks) to the four seconds a quarterback has to throw the ball or run, this is a fast-paced game that matches the attention span of this generation.

You may be able to check Twitter between readings, but you don’t want to look away too often. Everything can happen.

Jeffery Lewis started the league four years ago and has made it a viable product with plenty of growth opportunities.

AFLL games on the NFL network did well enough in ratings that the league signed a deal with CBS. The men’s championship game will take place on Sunday at 12:30 p.m.

Football has been the fastest growing team sport in the United States for the past decade, according to the Sports and Fitness Industry Association.

Just five years ago, a million more people played tackle football than flag football. Today, flag football has 1.5 million participants. And sport is developing internationally.

“The great thing about Flag is what a guy can do, a girl can do,” Krouch said. “But, you know, we’re not that built to do the tackle-type collision sport.”

Lewis says 2021 is a banner year for women’s football.

“We have women who get college scholarships to play football. Think about it, “he said.” And this year we expect several dozen junior colleges to resume women’s football. There is a huge amount of activity at the high school level, at the undergraduate level. high school. It’s really, I think, a real training moment for women’s football. “

In terms of participation, flag football is more important than hockey, lacrosse and rugby combined, and Lewis believes passion should make a professional league a success.

“It felt so natural to create a professional league with top-level play and shine a light on all these people who love this game so much,” Lewis said.

I will observe.

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