Antonio Conte is the favorite for the next Premier League boss to leave amid candid comments from Tottenham

The Bookies now have Antonio Conte as favorites to be the next Premier League manager to go following Tottenham’s loss to Burnley on Wednesday night.

Spurs had lost three games on the rebound before recording a stunning 3-2 win at Manchester City on Saturday night.

However, the north Londoners were unable to build on the impressive Etihad display as they were beaten 1-0 by a second-half goal from Ben Mee, Conte’s side n recording just two shots on target in 90 minutes at Turf Moor.

In an explosive post-match press conference, the Italian said: “The reality is this. That we have lost four out of the last five games. No one deserves this type of situation – the club, me. , payers and supporters, but that’s the reality.

“I came to try to improve the situation at Tottenham but maybe right now, I don’t know, I’m not that good at improving the situation.

“For me it’s very frustrating because I know we work hard, a lot and try to get the best out of every player. The reality is this.

“I’m too honest to close my eyes and say, ‘OK on Saturday we’re going to play another game’. It’s just right now to see what the situation is and to take stock. So I repeat: I am really frustrated and I am not used to being confronted with this type of situation.

The former Chelsea manager’s comments have left him the bookmakers’ favorite to be the next Premier League boss to go, according to @thesackrace on Twitter.

Conte then added: “But the problem, I repeat: I am trying to do everything to change the situation but the situation does not change. Someone has to talk about the race for fourth place and the reality of the last five games is that we have to be careful not to fight for the relegation zone.

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“It’s the truth. It’s the reality, and when this type of situation happens, there may be something wrong. I don’t want to close my eyes, I want to take responsibility, if I have the responsibility.

“I’m open, I’m open to every decision because I want to help Tottenham.

“From the first day I arrived here, I want to help Tottenham. I repeat: I am too honest to close my eyes and continue like this, and also take my salary. But it is not right at the moment.”

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