CATS IN CAMP DAY 5: Four Bobcats Land HERO Sports All-America Honors, while the ‘Stacks Days’ team in setup mode

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MSU shows ability to run the ball and stop the run

August 11, 2021: A day-to-day look at Bobcat football, today and throughout history, starting with the inclusion of four Bobcats on the HERO Sports All-America squad and continuing throughout the MSU TV program 2021 (to August 11) …

ALL-AMERICA HERO SPORTS TEAM: Montana State has added players to the HERO Sports FCS All-America squad, announced Wednesday morning. linebacker Troy andersen and defensive end Amandre williams everyone ends up in the second team, while running Isaiah Ifanse and offensive lineman Lewis kidd each won third team honors. The full version of HERO is here.

STACK DAYS: Bobcat trainer Brent Vigen likes the progress he saw in his team’s fifth training session, saying the groundwork was laid during the summer months. “Move on another day, rack up another day. I continue to praise our level of conditioning, the ability to look quite like the last five minutes to the team’s first five minutes. That’s the scorer, we’re still running the football, we don’t let our conditioning level take over. “

INSTALLATION: Bobcat trainer Brent Vigen said this week is the most intensive time for the installation of the team’s offensive and defensive patterns that it faces during the preseason. “You usually get a few things in the first couple of days, your base, and then this week is the week it really builds up on its own. Then at the end of this week, we’re pretty much done with our setup. . “

EXECUTION: MSU Coach Brent Vigen these periods of heavy installation of schema can affect physical performance, but if the mental approach remains constant, it is satisfied. “As we go through this week, we’re adding a lot of stuff every day, whether it’s more offense, more defense, more situations,” he said. “You’re getting some things for the first time, so execution is a work in progress, that’s just the nature of this week, but I love our attention to detail and our effort for sure.”

WELL EARTHED: While measuring success in preschool is a tricky thing, Vigen enjoys the play he saw on both sides at the line of scrimmage in the running game. “It’s bilateral, isn’t it, our ability to run football and our ability to stop the race,” he said. “You can certainly see where the movement or the lack of movement from an offensive point of view versus defense, (assess) what that looks like. Does our back see what it’s supposed to see? I think. that we’re one step ahead of where we were in the spring when it comes to our discipline on our trails and our ball safety and that sort of thing. But we haven’t touched on yet, we have nothing like that. It ultimately becomes your biggest measure, when there is a result in each particular round. But I think the good thing right now is that we are at full strength on both sides. good. We haven’t always had that luxury in the spring. It’s give-and-take, not a one-sided affair. Offensive makes a few plays, defense makes a few plays, and with a good team it’s usually the mark when you walk through fall camp. It’s a back and forth. “

SPEECH ON TV: TV missions and streaming news for most of Montana state’s games have been finalized, according to the Big Sky conference: September 4 in Wyoming – TV TBD, streaming TBD; September 11 vs. Drake – SWX TV, ESPN +; September 18 vs. San Diego – SWX TV, ESPN +; September 25 at Portland State – tbc, ESPN +; October 2 vs. Northern Colorado – SWX TV, ESPN +; October 9 against Cal Poly – ROOT, TBD; October 15 at Weber State – ESPNU,; October 23 vs. Idaho State – SWX TV, ESPN +; November 6 in Eastern Washington – SWX TV, ESPN +; November 13 vs. Idaho – SWX TV, ESPN +; November 20 in Montana – ROOT, TBD.

August 11 in Bobcat Football History
2018 – The first Montana State scrum provided a strong foreshadowing, when “Troy andersen and Travis Jonsen each posted solid numbers in multiple positions… “Fast forward a few years, and Jonsen made a Super Bowl ring as a practice squad player with Tampa Bay last February and is currently fighting for. a spot on this year’s squad. He has been honored by Buccaneers general manager Jason Licht, head coach Bruce Arians and several assistants for his work so far. 2021 as perhaps the best linebacker in at least the FCS. 2015 – The first full training of the preseason camp went without running backs Chad Newell and Gunnar Brekke, who were missing due to injuries. Newell ultimately led the Bobcats in the race this season (831 yards) while Brekke was third (293 yards). 2013 – Today, in 2013, MSU’s football season tickets sold out early in the school’s history.

Wide receiver
– Montana State may be retooling the receiver’s position after a 2019 season that featured two of the Big Sky’s most dynamic playmakers, Kevin Kassis and Travis Jonsen, but MSU coaches remain adamant the fact that seasoning is the only ingredient needed to prolong the successful run. Lance McCutcheon comes back as the most experienced wide receiver on the team, but the tandem of Coy Steel and Willie Patterson is also a staple of the passing game. Transfers Nate stewart and Cam Gardner each seems ready to contribute as an external receiver, while Peyton hanser and Logan kleinhans are veterans looking for expanded roles.

Return of starters: Lance McCutcheon, Coy Steel. Other return mail: Peyton hanser, Logan kleinhans, Willie Patterson. Squad member: Tayvian williams. Red shirts: Charles Brun, Aidan Garrigan, Jamahd Monroe, Jaden smith, Nate stewart, Tanner Trafton. Inbound transfer: Cam Gardner. Incoming freshmen: Andrew Patterson. Lost Entries: Travis Jonsen, Kevin Kassis. Other lost mails: Jean d’Agostino

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