College football odds: Bettors back surprise team to win CFP

Quick – you have $1,000 burning a hole in your pocket and you need to make a bet. Who do you bet on to win the college football National championship this coming season?

Are you betting on Nick Saban’s Alabama Crimson Tide? Or throw the money at defending national champion Georgia Bulldogs?

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Well, Caesars Sportsbook accepted three bets of $1,000 (+100,000 to win $1,001,000 – yes, to quote Dr. Evil, one million dollars) on …

The Utah State Aggies win the College Football Playoffs!

Not the Utah Utes, the 2021 Pac-12 champions who finished No. 12 in the latest Associated Press poll.

The Aggies, the 2021 Mountain West Conference champions who finished 11-3 and No. 24 in the final poll.

A bettor from New Jersey placed separate bets of $1,000 on Sunday and Monday. An Illinois bettor then put $1,000 on the Aggies, causing Caesars to cut Utah State’s odds to +75,000 (bet $1,000 to win $751,000).

Consider this: Caesars took fewer $1,000 bets on traditional powerhouses Georgia (two) and Oklahoma (one) than they accepted on the Aggies.

“We’ve seen some big liabilities, but I don’t remember there being that many about the future of college football any time soon,” said Adam Pullen, assistant director of trading at Caesars Sportsbook. “It’s an anomaly that this big shot from afar in college football drew three $1,000 bets. I really respect bettors’ common sense for putting that much on Utah State. They’re going to need it. a lot to even get the consideration of the CFP, they’ll have to go undefeated.”

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Could the Aggies be the Cincinnati Bearcats next season, the first non-Power Five team to make the CFP?

Utah State plays Alabama in its second game of the season on Sept. 3. If the Aggies shock the world in Tuscaloosa and rule the table (they also play BYU on Sept. 29 and Boise State on Nov. 26 to close out the regular season), they’ll have a chance. Never say never. Look what the Bearcats did last season.

Checking with other betting sites Utah State Believers are apparently limited to Caesars punters.

“I wish we had taken bets on Utah State – we would be happy to make those bets right now,” said FOX Bet sports trader AJ Devine. “But nothing significant at the moment.”

“No large or unusual bets with us,” said BetMGM trading director Jeff Stoneback. “Yes, the hiring of Lincoln Riley has prompted some action against USC, but nothing too major, however.”

Devine noted, however, that FOX Bet took early action in the Texas State of the Sun Belt conference at +100,000 (bet $10 to win $10,010).

Are you buying the Utah State hype? If so, a $10 bet would currently net you $5,010 at FOX Bet.

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