Cologne Centurions Madre London sets the bar high in ELF’s first season

Madre London, the leading rusher of ELF Photo: Marc Junge

With one week remaining in the regular season of the European Football League, the fans had a roller coaster ride.

Teams have come and gone, coaches have left, players have been banned and yet thousands of people have regularly logged in to watch Europe most recent league. His high production value and talent drew strong support from fans both in the stands and at home. Throughout the unpredictable inaugural season, there was one thing these loyal fans could count on week after week. It is Cologne Centurions’ running back Madre London dominating an opposing defense.

His stats are astounding – 223.2 yards per game and 7.5 yards per carry are numbers many might find it hard to surpass in the latest Madden video game. London’s stunning stat line places the running back’s current total of 6’1 ​​″, 215 pounds at 2,009 rushing yards and 23 total touchdowns. For comparison, the 138 points scored by London are just one more big game to overtake the total of the entire production of the Stuttgart Rise (157). However, don’t expect London’s workload to decrease as the 5-4 Centurions will need his stellar game to finish the regular season and try to win the league’s first-ever title.

Last week the Centurions managed to secure their place in the playoffs and help London cross the two-thousand-meter mark. Despite the incredible numbers, the from Cologne the brightest star maintains a team attitude:

“It’s an important step for the team and for me, that’s for sure. But it’s not over, I can’t be satisfied. We are delighted to be part of the European Football League‘s first knockout match ”(via European Football League)

Madre London breaks tackles Photo credit: Cologne Centurions

For the Small stone, Arkansas Native, breakout season comes after years of divisions and fighting for representatives in the collegiate and semi-professional leagues, all while waiting for the chance to really show off his big-game abilities.

This big game potential first flashed while playing for the powerhouse Saint Thomas Aquinas High SchoolI am in Florida. After his preparatory career, the three-star hopeful ventured north by joining the Michigan State Spartans (NCAA D1). After a first red-shirt season, London appeared to be on track for a decorated career as they rushed for 500 yards in their second year in Lansing East. However, a combination of injuries and managerial decisions saw London’s touches and production drop over the next two seasons, leaving him to wonder about the next step in his college football journey.

Madre London as Michigan State Spartan Photo credit: Mike Carter USA Today

After graduating, the mighty tailback joined the University from Tennessee (NCAA D1) as a graduate transfer, eager to fill the gap left by newly drafted Alvin Kamara. London used their previous college experience to quickly break the rotation, rushing for 206 yards and scoring three touchdowns in their final college season in the ultra-competitive Southeast Conference. London commented on his unique college career playing in two of the NCAA’s top conferences:

“I take everything as a lesson, not a loss. It was a blessing to play for these two colleges. This led me to be able to present my game here ”(via Gridiron Gallery Podcast)

London is fighting for extra yards Photo credit: Wade Payne

After five years, London’s academic career was over. He had shown flashes of the potential he had, scoring 12 touchdowns and totaling 1,235 yards of scrum. Yet without ever freezing as a starter, no NFL Where LCF the team was ready to try their luck with him. London reflected on the Pro review process and her dreams of being a pro:

“I don’t point the finger at anyone but myself. I could have done a lot of things differently during the process and taken things more seriously. But everything happens for a reason. He said, “Right now I’m just doing what I’m supposed to make a good movie, I hope I get the opportunity to go to the NFL. Otherwise, I will continue to be me and everything will work out on its own. (via Gridiron Gallery Podcast)

Determined to keep his dream alive, the elder Spartan signed with the Spring League for the 2020 season. Once again, London found themselves struggling for playing time with other talented backers. However, his play in the Development League was enough to grab the attention of another alternative football league, the Fan controlled football league. There, London played indoor football alongside the two alumni NFL stars Johnny Manziel and Josh Gordon and the future European Football League David Meza players (Stuttgart surge) and Kyle Kitchens (Kings of Leipzig). Once again, London found itself dividing the races into a successful league.

Shortly after, London made the trip abroad by agreeing to join the European Football League. Attracted to Cologne through Centurions general manager David Drane it is safe to say that Drane has an eye for talent as London has been the history of the new league pretty much every weekend.

Madre London escaping defenders Photo credit Cologne Centurions

London’s bet to fly abroad and test the new league has more than paid off. The 25-year-old took advantage of his role in Cologne and has become arguably the biggest name in the league. If the Centurions the star can continue at this rate, he should be able to give his team a legitimate shot at the very first ELF championship. London and his teammates have another regular season game this weekend before preparing for the playoffs. ELF the leading rusher feels confident from Cologne Championship chances:

“We can do whatever we want in this league. We have a strong attack and the defense is also developing. He said, “If we take care of our business, we will be great.” (via Gridiron Gallery Podcast)

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