COVID-19 pandemic affects family finances

As the country begins to recover financially from the pandemic, so can you.

MACON, Georgia – The COVID-19 pandemic has caught many people off guard, and the changes it has made have put a lot of financial stress on families.

In 2017, before the pandemic, the website found that nearly 80% of American workers live from paycheck to paycheck. As the country begins to recover financially from the pandemic, so can you.

Financial Advisor Sherri Goss shares these tips.

  1. Create a realistic budget for where your money is going.
  2. Open a savings account and put money in it every month.
  3. Pay off your debt to save money and reduce your monthly expenses.
  4. Review your career options to increase your income and reduce the risk of being laid off.

You can get started with the latter goal by contacting Georgia’s Community College System to learn more about the 17 careers you can graduate for free.

Goss shares the success story of a struggling restaurant waiter who worked in downtown Macon.

“I said, ‘Please call the guidance counselor tomorrow at the community college, call him and talk to him,” Goss said. “Well, the next time we spoke to him, he was already enrolled and they were going to pay him to get his CDL license and put him straight into a job. He said to me, “I could make $ 100,000 in a year. I didn’t even know it was here. That’s what matters.”

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