Detroit Lions vs Chicago Bears: this week 4 game is filled with intrigue

Through Martin rogers
FOX Sports Columnist

We usually do not anticipate Sunday games in the National football league from Tuesday, but so damned are the Chicago Bear and the Detroit Lions that we cannot be sure that a great calamity will not come upon them in the next few days. And it would be too much trouble to write (or read).

As it stands at Soldier Field this weekend, something very unusual is going to happen. Either the Lions or the Bears are going to have a lot to smile about in the middle of a season that has so far been a catalog of demoralizing incompetence for one and misfortune for the other.

Barring some bizarre-world event like a 0-0 draw after extra time, which might not be as bizarre as you might think, one of the two most tortured teams in the world NFL will claim a victory on Sunday, even if it’s just a band-aid-sized response to a gaping wound.

Since this is a story that thankfully leans a bit on the eccentric side, let’s start with a bit of an unexpected place: with Mitch Trubisky, in Buffalo.

Much-maligned former Bears QB Trubisky had a fairly quiet day as Josh Allen’s replacement on Sunday. Called to action for a pass against the Washington soccer team, Trubisky completed it, over a yard, as the Bills comfortably headed for victory.

The point is, that clean-passing productivity rod was as much as Chicago, with much-vaunted rookie Justin Fields in the middle, accomplished during an entire afternoon of action as he was torn to pieces by the Clevelands. Browns.

Fields rose to 6 for 20 with 68 passing yards, gains mitigated by the 67 yards given up over the nine times he was sacked, which equates to the lone assist of a lonely, friendless yarder, the lowest total of any team in any game since the 2009 Cincinnati Bengals. The Bears average of 1.1 yards per play was the second lowest of any team this century.

“We weren’t expecting big things, but what we got was horrible,” FS1’s Chris Broussard said on “First Things First”. “Much of this is on [head coach] Matt Nagy and that dismal offensive line. Much of it wasn’t in Fields hands… but it was ugly. “

It was a dismal way to fail, sure, but is it better to lose because you were completely incompetent or do it in the most unlikely way, with love at first sight to tear you apart, the last breath of? a basket on the ground?

That’s what happened to the Lions on Sunday, victims of that monstrous 66-yard Justin Tucker boot that you’ve probably seen replayed dozens of times. It was partly bad luck and partly their fault, with the Baltimore Ravens being allowed to convert a fourth and 19 to put Tucker within range as time went on. On top of that, the referees missed a late-game penalty that would have reduced the distance to something unmanageable for even the most eye-catching kicker of them all.

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Mike Pereira and Dean Blandino react to a missed game delay appeal during the final practice of the game between the Baltimore Ravens and the Detroit Lions. Did the Ravens receive a victory from the referees?

As fans complained it was the “biggest way for the Lions to lose,” Detroit fell to 0-3 to sit at the foot of NFC North, the exact spot where he finished all three. last seasons.

“I know this city and this franchise have taken a lot of hard knocks over the past few years, but I tell you, we will remain steadfast and resilient, and the hard hits will end,” quarterback Jared Goff said. .

In Detroit’s case, the focal point of the loss is the awesome feat it took to beat them (Tucker’s kick). This avoids the mass recriminations and questioning that was happening in Chicago.

The Bears, from Nagy to general manager Ryan Pace, get roasted by everyone, and it’s hard to find anything substantial to muster in their defense.

When one of your own players (Jimmy Graham) retweet how statistically horrible you have been, it’s pretty good. Former players, experts, fans – everyone, it seems – are lining up to shoot. For now, Fields, Andy Dalton and Nick Foles are all vying to start against the Lions.

Both fan bases could be fooled into thinking things can’t get worse except it’s about the bears and the lions so they sure can, and for one of them this weekend. , they probably will.

The Lions have started the campaign with some optimism under new coach Dan Campbell. In Week 1, Detroit nearly staged one of the most incredible comebacks in NFL history. Down 24 to the San Francisco 49ers on the two-minute warning, they slipped back to under eight and descended the field late in the game, only for Goff to cool down and throw three incomplete passes to torpedo the renewed attempt. .

It was a punch. What happened on Sunday, with Tucker’s kick cruelly hitting the crossbar and going over it, was a real digger.

FOX Bet has Chicago at -154 and Detroit at +135, a difference mostly attributed to pitch. In truth, there is not much that separates these two clubs. How could there be, when so much has gone wrong?

The bright side ? Easy: A team that has had little reason to be happy will finally get it.

For the loser, however, the punches keep coming.

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