Devon Achane has All-American potential in 2022

You can try to act like you know how the Texas A&M football team’s 2022 season is going to go — you’d probably be wrong. With a handful of losses following a strange 2021 season, next season could go in a few different directions.

Some believe A&M will always be stuck as an eight- or nine-win team, as they have been throughout Jimbo Fisher’s tenure, while others believe the head coach’s star-studded class can propel to an elite level of college football. . Again, it’s really impossible to say, because the season will be full of uncertainties.

One thing, however, is certain: Texas A&M will return one of the best running backs in the nation to Devon Achane. The two-year-old Aggie RB2 will finally have a chance to step into a starting role following the departure of Isaiah Spiller. But how high is its ceiling?

Some media have Texas A&M football RB Devon Achane as the Heisman candidate for the start of the preseason

Okay…before anyone gets too upset – I didn’t call Devon Achane a Heisman candidate. Everything I’m going to tell you in this article refers to an article written by Sports Illustrated‘s Fan Nation. Go after them if you’re bored (don’t really).

I digress.

As recently as February 18, All Aggies’ Timm Hamm posted an article with a headline that read: “As we enter the ‘far too early to predict’ category, someone is going to win the Heisman in 2022… Why not Devon Acané?” And to be honest, I’m almost ready to buy into that narrative.

Hamm goes on to explain that without Spiller splitting the litters, Achane has a serious chance of replicating his stats. Read for yourself.

If we’re just extrapolating numbers, as writers often do, imagine he’s doubling down on last season, which isn’t out of the question. That would leave Achane with 1,820 yards on 260 carries with 18 touchdowns, and put his name in the middle of the Heisman discussion.

And those numbers don’t include his receiving and kick-off return totals.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s technically nothing wrong with what Hamm is saying. Aggie’s back could very well have an explosive season, especially given his breathtaking rushing total, which led the nation in 2021. If he can do it as the main back of the team, his stats will undeniably have him in the Heisman conversation.

That said, the chances of a running back winning the Heisman are extremely slim. Couple this with the fact that he is extremely unlikely to continue his same output per carry with more reps, as this is a number that typically decreases with more carry.

That said, one thing is clear – Jimbo Fisher still has some elite running backs. Although a Heisman trophy might seem far-fetched, it’s not unrealistic to say that Achane has a serious chance of being an All-American.

Heisman’s story is fun, but will it happen – I think not.

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