Dynasty Fantasy Football Tight End Rankings: Kyle Pitts still No. 1 with Marcus Mariota, but barely


We were so close that Kyle Pitts was not only ranked #1 in Dynasty, but also in re-draft. During a 24-hour period when Deshaun Watson was supposed to lean towards the Pitts Falcons, even the most skeptical of Pitts were all in on it.

Of course, by now you know how horribly wrong it went from there. Not only did the Falcons miss out on Watson, but they also ended up trading Matt Ryan to the Indianapolis Colts for a third-round pick. Before long, they then signed Marcus Mariota to a two-year deal to replace Ryan. Ryan’s trip to maybe-Watson in Mariota is a rollercoaster ride that would fit right in at Six Flags Over Georgia. And no one would blame the Pitts’ Fantasy managers if they felt a little awkward at the end of the ride.

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For re-draft purposes, I’ve dropped Pitts to TE6 for now. I suspect that acquiring Mariota will lead to a heavier approach, and I’m not convinced he can be as accurate a passer as Ryan. And I’m pretty concerned about how many down shots he’ll take as well.

For Dynasty purposes, that wasn’t quite enough to knock Pitts off his perch at No. 1, but it put him very close to Mark Andrews in my rankings. Close enough that if Andrews and Pitts replicate their Fantasy points per game from last year in the first month of 2022, I’ll likely have Andrews ranked No. 1 in the position.

The future is still very bright for Pitts, and the nice thing about being a 21-year-old future star is that you can look forward to a rebuild. I understand if Dynasty managers who plan to win their league this year don’t feel the same way. And I wouldn’t blame them for trading Pitts for Andrews in that situation. On the other hand, Pitts joins DK Metcalf as one of my favorite players to try to buy as a rebuilder. Even with this recent quarterback demotion, I’m not sure there’s anyone in the 2022 draft class worth more.

Here is my updated tight Dynasty ranking:

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