Every word Thomas Tuchel said ahead of Chelsea’s Premier League clash against Watford

Thomas Tuchel spoke to the media ahead of Chelsea’s Premier League clash with Watford on Wednesday night.

Chelsea remain top of the league despite losing two points at home to Manchester United on Sunday after a 1-1 draw.

They hope to find their way back to victory at Vicarage Road to ensure they maintain their position at the top.

Here’s what the Chelsea boss had to say in full during his pre-match press conference:

On the team’s news:

“With Romelu, it’s pretty easy. He came in and he continued to train. There is no reaction from his injured ankle, so he has stayed in training and is ready to progress in a matter of minutes. For the game, it is sure Chilly, N’Golo and Kova. Some players are in doubt, need more time and exams, to reassess status. It’s Reece James, Jorgi and Timo Werner. They all trained with us today, but there will be last minute decisions regarding all three.

On the achievements of the Ballon d’Or and Chelsea:

“It’s a great reward because it’s teamwork. If you are successful and the individual players shine. All of our players deserve to be on this list for their contribution to success. If individual players shine, it is always thanks to team effort. That’s why it’s a great reward. We have a strong academy, a strong female team. We want to be a strong element of this club. Full credit to owner and all responsible. We are doing our best to continue and maybe win this award again (Club of the Year).

On the program of matches:

“It’s a challenge. The good thing is that it was difficult before, so we don’t change our routine. We have very close and close communication with the fitness and medical department. We are trying to predict the load. We look at the data with where the players are, who is overloaded, chronically overloaded and underloaded and from there we see what we need in the next matches. We do it step by step. If you look at the calendar too far, you can see that the weeks will be difficult to come. This is why we are focusing on the details and on the next game and maybe the next two games where we can trust our predictions because we have fantastic support. It is now up to the players not only to be strong in games and give their all, but to take recovery very seriously. Over the next few weeks we have to be very good at recovering and sleeping and taking the right food and the right supplements that we can recover well from games because the games are intense. Our style of play is hopefully intense and has to be intense to have a certain mentality and identity on the pitch. This is what we want and we are not afraid to shoot. We have some doubts with Reece, Jorginho and Timo Werner. We have late decisions. We trust the whole team and it’s no secret that we need the whole team to get through weeks like this.

On Claudio Ranieri:

“We see a difference in the data, in the style of the games since he joined the club. They play with more confidence, especially at home. They are trying to implement a top pressing. They are very active, they try to be brave and courageous. They had a great result against Man United. They try to play on the emotions, more emotions and more effort to have the crowd behind them. They can create an atmosphere that helps them. We see it. Claudio Ranieri speaks for himself, which he did in the Premier League. He had so many clubs, such an experienced coach. It’s a pleasure to meet him. This is the first time that I have met him in person and played against him. We will do our best to get all three points tomorrow. That’s the point. “

On the motivation of the Ballon d’Or:

“For me personally, not so much. I have big doubts about the individual rewards in this game. The game is very complex, it is linked to a lot of luck and it is teamwork. You can’t, a single player can’t win a football game. It is simply not possible. That’s why I’m happy to have the chance to work at the club with so many nominees, such a strong academy, such a strong women’s team. It shows the ambition of the club, it shows the target. It’s what drives us, what makes us happy and what motivates us. We don’t do what we do to end up with individual rewards. When you have a lot of nominees get an award like this yesterday it’s proof that we’ve shown what the club is, how the club is built. It’s up to us, me and everyone who works at this club to get things done.

Who he expected to win the Ballon d’Or on:

“I take my right not to have an opinion on this one. We have a player ourselves who has won all the major trophies and has been very involved, so it wouldn’t have been a surprise if he lifted the trophy. It was a choice, I think it’s an election. It is elected. You have to take it whether you like it or not, you accept it. Life goes on quite easily after yesterday.

On Jorginho who did not win the Ballon d’Or:

“My players were surprised that Lewandowski didn’t win last year. There are surprises in it. It’s an election. At the end of the day, we come from sports. We accept and continue.

On the Club World Cup:

“If I understand correctly, they will both (Edouard Mendy and Hakim Ziyech) return (from the Africa Cup of Nations) even if they play in the final. They will both be in Abu Dhabi I guess. Listen, it’s February. We are now close to being in December. There is still December and January to play. I’m focusing on Watford, selection, rotation. My head is also what we did against Man United. We are looking a little forward because now we have evening games and on Saturday we have an away game at 12:30. We need to be aware of the lack of recovery time in between. This is what we do. There is no focus on the World Cup at the moment. “

On the left wing options:

“We have (enough coverage). We have Marcos who started the season with us when Chilly was having a more difficult time. We trust him, we have won Premier League matches. Marcos is very experienced. This is the situation where even though no one is injured, you have two specialists for a job. They both play for their national teams where you can find yourself in some very difficult decisions at times. It can be very difficult for one of them. In my opinion, they are fighting for one position for the left winger position. If someone suddenly has a longer injury like Ben now, it may seem like we just don’t have enough. If we look at the schedule, it might be like “Can Marcos now play eight games every three days?”. Maybe not. We still have Callum who can play on the left side as a back winger. We have other options that we can maybe try. Marcos is in charge at the moment. He is the specialist. He can prove how much he can bring to the team and what impact he can have for us.

On attacking players who need to be more clinical:

“I think they are trying hard. Their contribution to our style of play, high pressing, is immense. We can see it in every live match but also in the post-match data. Perhaps we should take into account that when they arrive with a chance, they don’t arrive completely relaxed. Sometimes they breathe hard when they arrive. Maybe it gives us a bit of precision sometimes, but we have scored a lot of goals before. This match (against Manchester United) I agree. We had a similar game in terms of chances and results against Burnley at home. It’s also a good sign when you’re not happy to draw against Man United. We feel we deserve more. We trust them. They have the quality to score for us. It’s up to us to get them into positions where it is possible for them to score and score as often as possible and maybe more often if this is a time when they are having a little more trouble. We have to create opportunities because they have the quality and absolutely want it. They have a huge impact on our defensive game and top pressing. That is why, in general, we are absolutely happy and calm.Follow Absolute Chelsea on: Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | Youtube

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