IFAF Elections: Meet the Candidates

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Graphics: Igor Lazarevic

Nominated by the Finnish American Football Federation, SAJL, IFAFveteran RoopeNoronen hopes for a return to international competitions this year as the Competitions Director in the IFAF.

Noronen has been named one of six candidates running for various positions in three years, in the event of an election this the summertime within Alabama.

Noronen was introduced to the game during the ’80s in his homeland from Finland. After a short , but impressive football career Noronen took over as president of the HelsinkiRoosters(1997-2010) as well as the GeneralManager of the Finland the national side(2000-2005) and also MapleLeague Commissioner(since 2001).

Noronen could bring a wealth of experience from 2001 until 2014, he served as an integral part of IFAF in the role of vice-president. In that role as vicepresident, he was on the IFAFBoard of Directors as Europeanrepresentative, and perhaps vice-president. While at IFAF Noronen was in charge of numerous international tournaments, such as The NFL European School Flag Championships as well as 2005 DuisburgWorldGames, the 2013 World Equipment Championships for women, the 2013 World Equipment Championships, the European Championships for the Men in 2018.

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