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EVAN WHEATON / Sun-Gazette Lycoming second wide receiver Brandon Timothy does a reception in practice Tuesday. The Warriors (4-2) host Albright (2-5) this afternoon at 1 p.m.

Goodbye, goodbye week.

After six straight games, Lycoming’s football has rested. Now is the time for another MAC clash at David Person Field against Albright (2-5), who is set to play his eighth consecutive game without a goodbye.

The Warriors only lost to Susquehanna and Delaware Valley, two nationally ranked powers in Division III football. Last week was devoted to getting back to basics.

“There are always things you want to focus on. We played pretty well against Misericordia and bounced back from (Delaware Valley), so last week was more or less just a tightening up, ” Lycoming coach Mike Clark said in practice on Tuesday. “Back to basics… The other day, we had a third down period, another day, we had a red zone period. “

Against Misericordia, Lycoming was held to three consecutive goals in the red zone. Albright has so far allowed 22 touchdowns in 35 red zone situations during the year.

A lot of time was spent not only tightening things up, but also distributing the workload evenly across the crew.

“We put guys to work who hadn’t played a lot either. Clark said. “Some extra reps last week was more or less kind of a preseason environment, clear up the reps and stay fresh but still trying to improve the fundamentals and Thursday (from last week) we started to focus on Albright. “

The Lions might not have a pretty record, and sure enough, they’re averaging over 400 total yards against them. But Albright shines on special teams and can create some great situations for himself, or even extend practices with sleight of hand.

What makes Lions even harder to predict? Todd Shelley, quarterback and hybrid kicker. Shelley also does punters with a 52-yard season and can find creative ways to keep practices alive before they become real punters.

A jack of all trades, Shelley can do anything with strong Special Teams units around him.

“They are good, their quarterback is good too. They simulate PATs, they simulate field goals, they simulate punts, and he’s involved in it all, ” Clark said. “They have qualified guys and they throw a lot at you that you have to be ready for.”

A win today would put the Warriors 5-2 for the first time since 2014.


Ian Plankenhorn, Kyle Powell and Joey Guida

Plankenhorn comes out of a game of monsters. Against Misericordia, the Montoursville graduate netted his three field goals and five PATs, with five touchbacks, earning the MAC Special Teams Player of the Week honors. In a game with the potential to feature explosive games on special teams, Plankenhorn could have another big exit.

Powell and Guida still have a high cap every week. Both are a punch that can come out on big screens, swing passes and checkdowns for big wins after the catch.

Against a Lions team that allowed their first 100 downs to race against them, staying down and establishing a solid running game early will always be a primary focus for Lycoming.

“I thought we handled the ball very well against Misericordia. I think what you will see is that we also hope to throw the ball against Albright ”, Clark said. “The last two games people managed to do it successfully and I think more good things happen when you run it. We still want this to be the base and that will definitely be a big part of what we are trying to do this weekend.


Special teams

Not only is Shelley a unique player for the Lions – and football in general – but the special teams all around could potentially quickly shift the momentum in Albright’s favor at any time.

“You just need to be disciplined and get off the pitch. This is tricky, if you work hard and get them kicked or hold them to a basket, what you don’t want to do is let a rigged play lead straight to a score, either on the rigged play. or by giving them new lows and improving their position on the pitch ”, Clark said. “It’s just going to be a matter of being really solid. We’re lucky the bye fell by that point, we were able to cover a number of these areas, but they do a really good job schematically on special teams and force you to deal with some things that a lot other people do not know. ‘t. “

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