Man City set to face familiar Premier League game issue – Steven Railston

Manchester City have collected just four points in their first three Premier League appearances last season.

The Blues were in 14th place in the table at this point and were still reeling from Pep Guardiola’s “worst” career loss – the Catalan had never seen one of his teams concede five goals before Jamie Vardy did. inspires Leicester to a 5-2 victory at the Etihad in September.

You would be forgiven for thinking that a repeat of Liverpool’s 2019/20 triumph was inevitable, the same issues that haunted City in this campaign still seemed to linger as they had been swapped by the Foxes and embroiled in a toe-to- toe fight with Leeds.

Guardiola’s side were on the canvas just weeks after the start of the Premier League season, but like the true champions they are, they have resolutely bounced back to recover.

When the final bell rang and the points were tallied, City were crowned Premier League champions for the third time in Guardiola’s reign, but frankly the contest was over long before the fight was officially over – they had headed for another title.

The signing of Ruben Dias – the center-back made his debut against Leeds – obviously played a key role in this dramatic turnaround, but it wasn’t just the staff or tactics in the first few weeks that were to blame for the precariousness and lack of insurance of City. performances.

As a result of football’s postponement due to the pandemic, matches were postponed and the Champions League schedule was no exception, and City faced Lyon in the quarter-finals of the 2019/20 competition. August 15th.

It was a disastrous result in Lisbon with Lyon winning this game 3-1 but to make matters worse Guardiola’s side had just 37 days until their Premier League season opener against Wolves – c mentally and physically a difficult task.

It’s a credit to the quality and talent that City possesses, as well as a testament to the player’s mentality, that they gracefully overcame this slow start, but sadly it looks like they could face it again. to this exact challenge as the new season approaches.

John Stones, Kyle Walker, Phil Foden and Raheem Sterling all reached the European Championship final with England and Gabriel Jesus and Ederson reached the Copa America final with Brazil, so six players will have a less than ideal preparation.

All six players will have a mandatory three-week break after their respective final defeats, meaning they will report for the pre-season in Manchester for the first week of August and that’s less than two weeks before the game opening of City.

Their season kicks off at Tottenham on August 15 and a short pre-season preparation for these players could hurt City.

They have shown they can overcome such a problem in the past which is reassuring for their Premier League title defense.

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