NFL Draft Round 2 & 3 Live Tracking: Draft Ratings, Updated Best Available Players, and Latest Mock Draft

Last season, the Chargers relied heavily on the left side of their offensive line – Matthew Slater at left tackle, Matt Feiler at left guard and Corey Linsley at center. On runs to left guard, left tackle and out of left tackle in 2021, the Chargers are averaging 4.91 yards per carry, according to Sharp Football Stats. On all other carries, the Chargers are averaging 3.61 yards per carry.

Coach Brandon Staley said the addition of guard Zion Johnson with the 17th overall pick “really balances out our running game.”

“He gives you a round trip,” Staley said.

Staley and Telesco said the Chargers will keep Feiler at left guard for this season.

“That was the strength of our O-line unit last year,” Staley said, “and we really believe in that chemistry.”

This will leave them exposed to the right tackle. Trey Pipkins and Storm Norton are in line to compete for that starting spot — although the Chargers have nine other picks in this draft, starting with No. 79 in the third round on Friday.

Staley was more concerned with solidifying the interior.

“We were looking for strong attacking players, especially on the inside, and now we feel like we have that,” Staley said. “You have Matt, Corey and Zion, and it’s a really impressive trio.”

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