Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation Investigating Kingfisher High School Football Following Hazing Allegations

KINGFISHER, Okla. (KFOR) – The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation is investigating allegations of hazing in the Kingfisher High School football program.

OBSI officials announced the investigation Monday afternoon.

Officials did not provide details of the investigation, but a lawsuit filed against the Kingfisher School District reveals information about alleged extreme hazing that reached the level of torture.

The lawsuit states the following details of the alleged systemic hazing in the high school football program:

  1. This is a hazing trial. Hazing that rose to the level of torture.
  2. Kingfisher High School’s football program has a long history of hazing its new
    Members of the team.
  3. Kingfisher High School football team used new hazing practice
    Members of the team. This hazing was well known to the whole team, the school administration,
    and athletic trainers.
  4. Kingfisher High School Football Team Coaches Knew the Hazing Story
    incidents and administrators of Kingfisher Public Schools knew or should have known
    history of hazing incidents involving members of the football program.
  5. Specifically, coaches at Kingfisher High School’s football program encouraged
    and used hazing as a method of weeding out the weak; pressure players to leave the football programme;
    and punishing those the coaches perceived as recalcitrant. In addition, football coaches from
    Kingfisher High School encouraged and used hazing on players considered potentially
    worthy of the Kingfisher football program to “toughen them up”, “make them dirtbags”, “make them
    they mean” and “turn them into bullies”.

The plaintiff allegedly suffered “indignities, derogations and abuse both physical and mental” during his four years with the football team, according to the lawsuit.

Kingfisher Police asked OBSI officials in February to help investigate misconduct in the football program.

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