On Wednesday July 14, Culver-Stockton football went off the beaten track with recruiting; Devin Walker, Head Coach of the New Men’s Volleyball Wildcats, Devin Walker will combine success and friendship with the women’s volleyball program; Fort Madison Baseball starts the playoffs on Friday

Culver-Stockton’s football schedule is set to move on from 2020. When they finished 1-3 (despite a nine-game schedule), including a three-game losing streak to end the season as well as numerous postponements due to the quarantine of players during COVID -19. A flurry of players returns, a whole new turf is put in place and they had a successful football camp over the weekend on campus. WGEM Sports spoke with Wildcats football coach Tom Salley, who has gone off the beaten track to recruiting almost nationwide.

The Wildcats’ men’s volleyball program is poised to return to success following the hiring of Devin Walker. Walker has just successfully completed a year as a women’s volleyball coach at Stephens College in Columbia, Missouri. He coached four All-Conference players and gave them one of their best seasons yet. Over the past three seasons, the men’s volleyball team has finished 10-50. WGEM Sports met Walker who believes working with the women’s volleyball program will lead to victory in 2022.

The Fort Madison Bloodhounds are preparing for their first-round home game against Mount Pleasant on Friday. The team finished 24-8 after sharing their regular season doubles schedule with Muscatine. WGEM Sports spent a few minutes with baseball head coach Ron Walker who knows that in order to win everyone has to step up their game.

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