Oxford High School football coach Zach Line played with Dan Campbell

Oxford High School college football head coach Zach Line has ties to current members of the Detroit Lions.

Line, 31, played in the New Orleans Saints National Football League from 2017 to 2019.

Current Lions linebacker Alex Anzalone was his teammate, while head coach Dan Campbell was the tight-ended Saints coach under Sean Payton.

According to the school’s website, “Coach Line is returning home after a seven-year NFL career, playing for the Minnesota Vikings and New Orleans Saints. While in the NFL, Coach Line has been selected as a Pro-Bowl substitute four times, receiving an All-Pro vote in 2015. Coach Line was also selected and served as captain of the New Orleans Saints. As a professional athlete, Coach Line has developed an unmatched football IQ, playing under Mike Zimmer and Sean Payton and alongside teammates Adrian Peterson and Drew Brees. “

Speaking in his media session on Wednesday, Campbell took the time early to express his condolences for the tragic school shooting that took place at Oxford High School on Tuesday.

“Our hearts go out to the community of Oxford. It’s terrible. No one should have to deal with this. Prayers go out to families, friends and everyone involved, ”said Campbell. “It goes from myself to our players, to the entire Lions community. It’s horrible.”

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The Lions media relations team reminded Campbell that Line was coaching at Oxford and lost one of his players, Tate Myre.

The first-year Detroit head coach knew Line was coaching in Michigan.

“I found out before the walkthrough. I didn’t even realize it,” Campbell said. “That’ll be the first thing I do when I leave here is call her. I haven’t even put two and two together.”

In the midst of her most productive NFL career, Anzalone told reporters why Line is in the best position to help the community of Oxford heal after such a heartbreaking tragedy.

“I thought about it. I feel like there is no better person in this position to really help the community get through a situation like this,” Anzalone said. “When it comes to a God-fearing person and person, all the things you want in a leader in a situation like this, he has it. He is strong and he has faith. So he can help the leader. community going through this very bad time.

“He was the kind of guy who wasn’t a big rah-rah guy. Just the way he approached each day – the way he set an example, got his job done and held him accountable,” continued Anzalone. “He’s always been reliable. I think, you know, he’s never too high, never too low. Like I said, such an unthinkable situation as this is, in my opinion, I thank God. for putting him in this situation for a reason, he’ll be able to lead this community.

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