Pitt Football training images and sounds: get started

Pittsburgh – Pitt took the field in front of the media for the first time on Friday. While they wore nothing but helmets and spider pads at the UPMC Rooney sports complex, the Panthers did a lot of individual and technical work. As they reach full pads the next week, they seem to start off small and then grow outward.

The biggest note of the day was the key absence of Vincent Davis. Pat Narduzzi said the junior running back missed his flight due to Spirit Airlines delays and was therefore tested late. Fortunately, Narduzzi believes Davis will be back at the next practice.

There have been several reshuffles in Pitt’s depth chart as they move into the summer and train towards their season opener on September 4 against Massachusetts. First off, Nick Patti seems to have earned the backing job behind Kenny Pickett. Narduzzi noted that Patti is cemented as a backup as Davis Beville and Joey Yellen go head to head for third place.

Other key changes include the fact that Israel Abanikanda is now the starting ball carrier. Davis missing even one day is vital if he is to reclaim that place. Branson Taylor entered the conversation to potentially start at one of the tackle points. Dave Borbely called Taylor a “completely different person” after the development and conditioning of the offseason. Taylor has now fallen to around 330 pounds.

The new secondary

As Damarri Mathis returns after his injury in 2020, the Panthers will have a few hiccups to overcome in high school. There are many young people who are in the middle of the battle to potentially gain playing time. These different combinations will be tested before their communication. However, Rashad Battle and MJ Devonshire both learn cornerback and safety as it is.

They join guys like Judson Tallandier II and Erick Hallett II as guys who can both play safe and cornerback. The Panthers are looking for versatility and impact wherever they can get it from guys this year. Narduzzi noted that guys like Kahlil Anderson, Noah Biglow, and Tamarion Crumpley could also challenge playing time very well.

Among these young guys, Anderson and PJ O’Brien seemed to have more weight than the others. Pitt clearly likes what they have in these two guys, but there will be some stiff competition for some significant playing time. Either way, with seven new defensive backs entering the fold and a bunch of reshuffles underway, Pitt will have their work cut out for them deciphering what they want from this secondary.

Images and sounds

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