RB Najee Harris Steelers win fantasy football championships

The game was over. The Cleveland Browns were running out of time. The Pittsburgh Steelers had won.

With just 51 seconds left, the Steelers led 19-14 and faced the third down, all running back Najee Harris had to do was gain two yards to end the game. He ended up winning a lot more than that, escaping for a 37-yard touchdown to provide an exclamation point for Ben Roethlisberger’s likely final game at Heinz Field.

It was actually in the Steelers’ best interests for Harris to fall as soon as he won the first down, as they only had to kneel down from there. Scoring returned the ball to the Browns with a chance to score, convert a kick to play and score again, although that obviously didn’t happen with the way Baker Mayfield was playing.

Harris’ touchdown didn’t make sense … for the Steelers. For some people watching at home, however, it was a reason to lose their mind, for both good and bad reasons.

Najee Harris has decided on so many fantastic championships

When you’re a largely possessed player like Harris playing in Monday Night Football, you’re going to have some matchups. When you are a widely possessed player who scores a touchdown in the trash in Monday Night Football during the week of most fantasy football league games, you are going to win certain leagues.

In many leagues, Harris’ touchdown provided a 9.7-point shot for anyone who started it, more than enough to change a game. It was the last series of massive games for the Steelers rookie, with 188 rushing yards and one touchdown on 28 carries plus three receptions for 18 yards.

For some, this touchdown was a thrilling victory:

And for the others, well, it’s no worse than that:

There isn’t much more to fantasy football than that.

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