Sexual assault survivor joins soccer team to overcome trauma

Katisa Marrujo joined the Nevada Storm last season, nearly 2 years after she was raped in Stockton. She says she faces her trauma on the grass to help her overcome it.

RENO, Nevada — Katisa Marrujo was raped in 2020, but her rapist was never caught. She is now turning that trauma into triumph as she finds new strength as a player for the Nevada Storma women’s tackle football team.

It’s been almost two years since that dark day. Marrujo was raped inside her grandmother’s house by an intruder.

“When my attack happened, at that time he was in control. He took control of this situation. He blamed me,” Marrujo said.

Two years later, Marrujo says she is taking charge of her life, her goals and her recovery.

She joined the Nevada Storm women’s soccer team to rebuild her strength, both inside and out.

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“Unfortunately he knew how to support his weight, and now I’m working on those things. And it’s quite an uplifting experience to be able to move faster and be stronger than I think I am,” he said. she declared.

Marrujo decided to join after seeing support from the other women on the team. She felt it was the right decision for her to move to Reno and start this new chapter.

“I’m on the line right now. I’m a keeper and that requires tackling and it’s a lot of contact with women who are one-on-one. My coaches see the immense progress I’m making,” Marrujo said.

She says contact in football runs parallel to her background. She faces her trauma to overcome it.

“My biggest regret was not moving forward and being more active in this investigation,” Marrujo said. “I tumbled, and I don’t want that for other women. I want them to know they can take control of their lives.”

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