Sports activism: The history of CE Europa

VSE Europa is a club in the Segunda RFEF Division in Barcelona’s modest Gracia neighborhood, and it’s not a club like most.

The president there knows almost every fan of the club, and the club founded in 1907 has a lot to say. They recently unanimously approved a vote to officially define themselves as anti-fascist, anti-racist, anti-homophobic, anti-sexist and anti-harassment.

“We are very proud to have done so,” said the president Victor Martinez said MARCA. “We are a club with 114 years of history and we have always defined ourselves as an open club.

“We are very clear about our sense of democracy and freedom of expression, which we have always tried to follow.

“Everyone is free to be as they see fit.”

The district of Gracia

“It used to be a city,” said a member Ramon armengol, offering an explanation of the identity of the territory. “He maintains that character, and so does the club. He’s always been pro-Catalan and anti-fascist here, and Europa symbolizes that.”

Clean football

Armengol believes that football needs to reform and send messages, “on the premise that football is a bastion of homophobic, sexist and racist values, and we have to find a way to eradicate that.

“One way to do this is for the clubs to take sides and take a firm stand. We need to step into the 21st century and not continue to see the hatred that we unfortunately see every week in so many stadiums in this country.”

Sport and society

The club president is adamant that sport and football cannot just turn their backs on their environment and that steps must be taken to move forward.

“We are a reflection of our members and what they want,” Martinez said. “Football can be an important lever for change, which is why we are proud of the decision made by our members.”

Armengol agrees with its president’s position, offering other reasons.

El presidente Vctor Martnez and responsible for social rea, Ramn Armengol.Francesc Adelantado

“We have campaigns against racism and fair play, but they don’t make sense when the only game to be suspended was for calling a Nazi a Nazi,” he said.

“But nothing is happening for the homophobic and racist slurs heard every week. It doesn’t make sense to me.”

Club captain Alex Cano: We must take a step forward

Alex Cano is captain at Europa, and he embraces what the club is all about, delighted to be so closely linked to attempts at societal change.

“We are happy to bring our grain of sand to society and to stand up for the values ​​that should be taken for granted,” said Cano. “But a certain part of the population does not consider them.

“Europa is a club that defends the values ​​that must be defended. It’s strange to have to go and say it, but there are still a lot of people who do not understand what is good and what is not A lot of things are not, it is done very well.

“Sport is not just a ball or 11 players, it has a lot of visibility and we have to position ourselves.”

Cano then showed his support for Australian Josh Cavallo, who recently turned out to be gay.

“It should be the most normal thing in the world,” Cano said.

St. Pauli, another example

german club St. Pauli are another example of a club wanting to take a clear stand, and thus they have gained fans all over the world.

“Everyone knows them,” Martinez said. “I have heard from other clubs who will also take a stand on this soon.

“It shows us that we are on the right track.

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