Stepping Wisconsin Wide Receivers

If there was one saving grace for the Wisconsin soccer team in 2020, it’s that the players got an extra year of eligibility. Few teams could enjoy it more than the Wisconsin Badgers.

Just a season ago, the Badgers offense was plagued by injuries that forced inexperienced young players to line up week after week. Unfinished business and one last chance to prove themselves helped the team’s two top wide receivers, Danny Davis III and Kendric Pryor, return.

Entry-season roles were pretty well established, leaving no excuse for the 2021 offense if they fail to execute. However, with such a burdensome group of senior contributors, there is still a need to better establish the depth that can fill those roles in the event of injury – and in preparation for next season. Today we will see where things stand in the large reception hall.

Level 1: Established starters

  • Danny davis
  • Kendric pryor
  • Chimera dike

The Badgers were fortunate enough to return the proven production of players like Danny davis and Kendric pryor – both have who have amassed 1,200 yards of scrimmage in their careers. Davis is a formidable possession receiver with a knack for making contested catches in the field. Pryor is in a different mold as a faster player with a top speed (4.3240) – and can help out on end / gadget games. Both players plan to be key members of the receiving squad and are players the Badgers can count on.

I added Chimera dike to this list because of what he showed us last season as a true freshman. The Waukesha, Wis. Native totaled 237 yards of scrimmage – while being forced to go against the number one corners of opposing teams. The experience he gained last season will no doubt help him in the sophomore year, and with the return of Davis and Pryor he should have some sort of “breakthrough” with less focus on him. I am very committed to Chimere Dike and his future in the Wisconsin football program, it will be an important year for him before the torch has passed – making him the true Wisconsin number one wide receiver.

Level 2: Depth who will play

Jack Dunn isn’t an exciting option, but he’s played a lot of meaningful snaps for the Badgers. Despite its small size (5ft 7in, 176lbs), it’s sturdy and reliable down the middle – and is one of the roster’s most reliable ascenders. He’ll never be a player you introduce, but Dunn is a player you love to have for the extra depth you can count on week after week.

Level 3: Next in line

  • Devin Chandler
  • AJ Abbott

Devin Chandler has appeared in 4 games as a true freshman, and is expected to be more than capable of responding to injury in 2021. Chandler is expected to be in line to be a major contributor next season and is one. of the most explosive road racers in the program. Chandler can contribute to special teams immediately. Its suddenness and bursting is something to be excited about. Devin Chandler might just be a player.

It may have taken longer than expected with AJ Abbott finally appearing to have set up the consistency that has plagued him so far. Abbott could help this program advance as a downstream threat, although it’s hard to imagine that many snaps are available this season.

Level 4: Getting your feet wet

  • Markus Allen
  • Sky bell
  • Stephane Bracey
  • Isaac smith

Markus Allen is a great physical receiver who I think could be good enough to contribute to the Wisconsin football program in one way or another most years. Due to the return of seniors, this opportunity could be wasted this year. He was a player who was substituted in the fall and should be in a prime position to push for a big role next year.

Skyler Bell could be a Swiss Army Knife-type hitchhiker for the Wisconsin football team on the road. He’s an explosive athlete that you might want to craft keys for. It may need a little seasoning but its speed is undeniable, its development deserves to be followed for the future.

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