Strong, united A&M football team prepare for Ole Miss to keep SEC championship hopes alive

Texas A&M football’s gritty and defensive victory over Auburn bolstered the team’s strengths in the eyes of many. Now the Aggies face the last team over .500 in SEC West that they haven’t already faced in Ole Miss.

While A&M’s offense has often faltered against Auburn, the brown and white defense arguably had their best performance of the season. As two 7-2 teams prepare to face off, the Aggies will look to lead Saturday’s determined game in Oxford, Mississippi on Saturday, November 13.

In preparation for the match, A&M athletes and coach Jimbo Fisher spoke to the media. Here are three takeaways from the press conference:

SEC championship hopes

Since A&M first season in the SEC in 2012, the team has never competed in the SEC Championship.

After beating Alabama, A&M now has a window of opportunity to play for the conference title in Atlanta. The main requirement is twofold: Can the Aggies win and, more importantly, will Alabama lose another game? If those two conditions are met, Brown and White will face Georgia for a chance to continue the end-of-season push with college football playoff hope.

Fisher, aware of the speculation, said A&M can’t deal with those hopes just yet.

“To worry about practicing today and getting better fundamentals and practicing every day just focusing on Ole Miss,” Fisher said. “You have three seasons of a game. When you come in November and you’re relevant, it’s a playoff. So you forget everything else. One week at a time, one day at a time, one practice at a time, one room at a time. And it’s that easy. Do not worry about anything.

Zach Calzada: The worst legendary A&M quarterback?

Redshirt’s sophomore quarterback Zach Calzada hasn’t been stellar to put it lightly.

Nonetheless, the appellant has been praised at Aggieland since his loss to Alabama, but his statistics did not drop until the following weeks. After completing 67.7% of his passes for three touchdowns against the Crimson Tide, Calzada failed to eclipse even 52.5% completion in a single game. Additionally, the outing against Auburn was Calzada’s first start of the season in which he didn’t throw an interception, but he didn’t pitch for a touchdown either.

However, the Georgia native has shown tenacity in his ability to fight tough outings and injuries, earning the respect of his fans and teammates.

“I mean, you see, when [Calzada is] over there, you know he’s in the game, ”said junior offensive lineman Kenyon Green. “He puts his body on the line to win. Anyone who would do that, you know, I’m ready to protect him. So I feel like just doing that to him, just him, just focused on the game the way he is, brings me great joy to know that I have a quarterback who loves the game like this. .

Spirit can never be said

Much like the fight Calzada showed. the rest of the Aggies took note and applied it to their team chemistry.

After running back Devon Achane’s 60+ yard run that ended in a fumble, several team members ran alongside Achane to pick him up and keep their heads held high. Fisher said much of the team’s success in recent times has been based on a family mindset.

“Well, that’s something we’re trying to develop here, the family atmosphere,” Fisher said. “What I’m trying to get our guys to understand, I don’t care how well you play defensively, how great the offense is, don’t you play together?” You do not complete yourself? It does not work. You must be one family. There are too many things dividing the world today.

Fisher said the unity spirit in the locker room is part of what makes the sport great.

“You have to unite and be a part of it, understand and appreciate your teammates. It’s part of something bigger than you, ”Fisher said. “And being part of a support system, being an example, being the guy who plays the part when someone else isn’t… that feeling, there’s nothing in this world that gives the feeling of a team apart from being part of your own family. But then be really tight. These teams? Sometimes teams can become more cohesive than families if it’s done right and they believe in each other. This is what I think people really miss in sport.

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