Texas A&M Aggies football booming during the off week

The Texas A&M football season started off with a bang, of sorts, with a win over Kent State, and optimism was high for Week 2 and the Colorado Buffaloes in Denver, Colorado.

Then a funny thing happened on the way to the SEC Championship: Colorado.

The Aggies suffered the first blow of the season, not with a loss on the scoreboard, but with a loss to their starting quarterback, Haynes King. Enter Zach Calzada, who was billed as the King quarterback, only less mobile, but perhaps more precise.

At the end of the 10-7 victory in Denver, A&M fans were wondering “what just happened?” King was out for the season and it took a miraculous strike from Calzada and the Aggies’ offense to beat an unranked Buffaloes team.

Optimism quickly turned to fear and doubt about the Aggies 2021 football season. Week 3 brought New Mexico to town, and while Calzada didn’t exactly shoot all cylinders, the defense threw a shutout and things were improving.

Then came the strangest three weeks in recent memory for A&M football fans, with conference losses to Arkansas and Mississippi State that changed the fear and doubt of Aggie fans into despair and mistrust.

Then something wonderful, even magical happened: Unclassified Aggies 31, No. 1 Crimson Tide 38.

A&M is clearly a much better team than the 3-2 Aggies team we have seen for five weeks. The week before losing to the Aggies, Alabama beat No. 10 Ole Miss by three TDs. Additionally, in the two games since the loss at Kyle Field, Nick Saban & Co. have recorded 101 combined points in wins over Mississippi State and Tennessee.

We all know how “the tide” is going, and there’s very little chance that Alabama will give up on any of their remaining games against LSU, Arkansas or Auburn. In fact, the odds are probably higher that they will do what they did the last time they lost to A&M in 2012, repeat as national champions.

That victory at Kyle Field on October 6 set up a whole new set of emotions for Aggie fans around the world: confidence, confidence and hope. It also sparked a three-game winning streak that the A&M football program enjoys during the off week.

But the 5-2 Aggies can and should only focus on what they can control, and that is winning the last four weeks of the season.

To wrap up 2021, A&M welcomes No.21 Auburn after the bye, travels to Oxford, Mississippi to take on No.10 Ole Miss, welcomes Prairie View, a non-conference foe, and travels to Baton Rouge, MS. Louisiana, to end the regular season against LSU.

Auburn hasn’t lost at Kyle Field since the Aggies joined the SEC, Ole Miss boasts a competitor from Heisman, and beating LSU in Coach O’s last game could be a tall order.

The last four weeks won’t be easy, but it’s certainly not impossible for A&M to hold the table until the end.

Perhaps more importantly in the big picture of the 2021 A&M football season, the things that gave the Aggies trouble early on, injuries and inexperience, seem like a distant memory.

This Aggies team have learned a multitude of lessons in just a few short weeks, ranging from handling an inexperienced young offensive line to a season-ending injury to their starting quarterback.

Coach Jimbo Fisher and this young A&M football team deserve not only a week off, but a ton of credit. This one-season Aggies roller coaster would have shattered smaller teams and smaller fan bases,

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