The international presence is strengthened at the AFCA convention

Thousands of coaches have flocked to beautiful San Antoine, Texas last weekend as Association of American Football Coaches hosted its centenary congress. Coaches of all skill levels flocked to the convention ranging from high school ranks to NFL personal and high NCAA homeless people like Dave Arnada, Pat Fitzgerald and Mel Tucker.

On the second day of AFCA, world football was in the spotlight. The international session kicked off with guest speaker Val Gunn. Gunn, a veteran coach of Europe detailed his experiences as a coach abroad while considering his first season in Istanbul, Turkey. Gunn is about to lead Turkey first club on Istanbul Rams this summer, as they enter the European Football League.

Next, British coach Rich worse detailed his journey to Hollywood from a dissatisfied finance employee to an unpaid Division Three college football assistant coach. The hunt for dreams British described his journey in football since training in the UK become the first European coaching position in FBS history of college football. Worsell went from being an analyst to a tight ends coach at the end of the season for the Akron Zippers (NCAA D1 FBS).

The last speaker at the event was Austin Jones who recently toured the sidles for the AAB 89 in the Danish National league. Jones entered a room to discuss the idea of ​​making teams a destination for players at all levels of play. The conversation touched on many topics ranging from movement of players to refereeing to foreigner.

AFI staff had the chance to meet several coaches during the three-day event to discuss the positive growth of world football. Several international coaches have made long trips to Texas as coaches of Asia, Europe, Africa, and Australia all of them have made the long commendable journey in order to learn and develop the game they love.

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