Tray Scott does wonders for Georgia Football

During the 2017 offseason, the University of Georgia announced the hiring of defensive line coach Tray Scott following the departure of Tracy Rocker after the 2016 season. his second season with the Bulldogs and one of his first big head coaching hires was to be made, and he appears to have struck gold with Coach Scott.

When Scott arrived in Athens, there was certainly a lot of work for him to do. Defensive line production has always been pretty solid for the Bulldogs, but that hasn’t allowed players to be drafted into the NFL.

In fact, the Bulldogs haven’t had a defensive lineman taken in the draft to date since John Jenkins in 2013. At least they will until the first round of the 2022 draft.

Going back to Scott’s first year with Georgia, it didn’t take long for him to start building up his depth chart with elite football players.

In the recruiting class of 2018, Devont’e Wyatt and Jordan Davis enrolled at the University of Georgia and sparked the resurrection of Georgia’s defensive line. The following year Scott managed to pack Travon Walker and Tramel Walthour who were trailing few by Jalen Carter, Nazir Stackhouse and Warren Brinson in the 2020 class.

These players quickly turned into immediate contributors on Saturday.

Since 2019, Georgia has finished every season with one of the top two running defenses in the nation. In 2020, offenses averaged just 72 rushing yards per game against the Bulldogs, which was the best in the nation, with Texas A&M’s second-best 92.

Last year Georgia had one of the most incredible seasons by one defense in college football history and the defensive line played a huge role not only in that but also in driving the Bulldogs to a national championship. Scott’s players were doing it at the college level, now it was about getting called up on draft night.

Well, consider that mission accomplished. Jordan Davis, who is a former three-star recruit, not only became one of Athens’ most beloved players, but became the most dominant player in all of college football. As a result, he is expected to make the first round of the NFL Draft this year.

The list doesn’t end with Davis though. Both Devonte Wyatt and Travon Walker have seen their draft stocks skyrocket over the past two months, and both are now slated as potential day one draft picks as well.

So not only has Coach Scott stacked the depth chart and developed his players, but he also has the opportunity to have three first-round picks in the same draft class. It’s pretty crazy for a team to have three first-round picks all together, but still come from the same position group.

Coach Scott rejuvenated Georgia’s defensive line while simultaneously establishing longevity in that position. As the Bulldogs say goodbye to Davis, Wyatt and Walker, there is still a litany of very talented individuals roaming the Athens campus.

Kirby Smart needed a circuit rental, and he knocked it out of the park with Tray Scott.

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