Unknown All-American from OSU is back

He is baaaaaack! The unknown long snapper of the Ohio State football team, Bradley Robinson, returns for another season with the Buckeyes.

The Troy, Mich. Native is able to take advantage of a rare seventh year of eligibility and will use it to better prepare for the NFL. Robinson will also use this time to complete his master’s degree and take steps to earn a doctorate. He already has a degree in human nutrition and another in human development and family sciences. He received the Rose Bowl Scholar-Athlete Award last week.

As I mentioned in an article titled Unknown All-American from OSU earlier this week, it is well known that the Buckeyes had many named players to various All-America teams, but the news of the honor of Robinson went unnoticed. Although the various departments that nominate All-America teams do not include long snappers, he was named fourth team by Rubio Long Snap. They are considered the primary authority on long snaps in all of football.

Unless there’s a bad snap, you don’t hear much about long snappers. This is why Robinson is not a household name among Buckeye fans, he is so good. Years from now, Noah Ruggles will be remembered for his Rose Bowl-winning kick.

Some might remember that Jesse Mirco was the incumbent, but I doubt Robinson’s name comes to mind more than a few fans. He was so good and consistent that you never had to hear his name. Bringing him back for another season is great news.

The hope for Robinson in 2022 is that he will continue to provide the Buckeyes with crisp shots, impressive enough to become an All-American first team and follow in the footsteps of other long OSU snappers who have made a roster of the NFL. If he can do all of this, I probably won’t have to call him the Unknown All-American.

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