Washington Fans Didn’t Buy the Football Team, Commanders Can Change That

When it comes to NFL jersey sales, quarterbacks tend to lead the way. According to Lidsthis was the case again in 2021 as 38 of the 50 states had a QB as their top seller.

Take a look at the Lids chart below for each state’s top-selling player and team.

When it comes to franchise jersey sales, the Washington Commanders rank at the bottom. Scratch that, they’re not even ranked. Granted, they were Washington’s football team for the 2021 season, but apparently fans weren’t buying into that name either. Not a single state had the football team‘s jerseys as the most profitable team for NFL jersey sales. It looks like the Baltimore Ravens are reigning supreme in the DC area.

Terry McLaurin
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How did the divisional rivals of the commanders fare? Better. Except for the Philadelphia Eagles.

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Even though the Eagles finished second in the NFC East this season, there isn’t a single state where their jerseys have had the most sales.

The Giants got lucky…sort of. They had the most jersey sales in any state. New Jersey, of course.

The Dallas Cowboys are the most popular in eight states, which is tied with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for the most part. One of those eight is Mississippi, where Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott attended Mississippi State University. Prescott also leads in South Carolina. Cowboys running back Zeke Elliott has had the most jersey sales in New Mexico.

So the Washington Commanders must be hoping their name change will help jersey sales next season?

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