Washington football team reportedly bought surprise player before trade deadline

The NFL trade deadline is officially less than 24 hours away, and all signs point to the Washington football team selling consumable parts.

Despite being one of the most disappointing teams in the league, Washington’s roster displays a plethora of high-end talent.

It remains to be seen if any of these players will be available, but you’d better believe that players whose contracts expire, or players who just don’t have a future with the franchise, might be gone for this. time tomorrow.

With Tuesday’s 4 p.m. EST deadline fast approaching, we’re starting to get a better idea of ​​Washington’s approach.

While a clearance sale is still out of the question, Ben Standig of Athleticism understands that Landon Collins is floated in trade negotiations.

Can Washington Soccer Team Really Trade Landon Collins?

It is not entirely surprising. Three weeks ago, every Ashburn fan would have admitted wanting to remove Collins from the list. This may still be the case, but it looks like Washington try to profit of the former All-Pro’s new effectiveness as a boxing linebacker compared to his former security role.

Collins put out his best game of the season on Sunday against Denver, racking up eight tackles and one sack from Teddy Bridgewater. He flew all around the field and did a number of shifting games.

We have no doubt that the teams – maybe even some suitors – would be ready to take a flyer mid-term on Collins. The only problem is his contract which, despite its recent hot section, remains an atrocitySo it should come as no surprise that Washington is prepared to add more money to a potential deal.

Collins has three more years on the six-year, $ 84 million contract he signed in the 2019 offseason. That doesn’t include what he owes this season ($ 12.5 million). In the final three years of his contract, Collins owes $ 11.5 million, $ 12.5 million and $ 13.5 million, respectively.

The former second-round pick will be a combined cap of $ 48.6 million during that time, which could be a major red flag for potential buyers. Depending on how desperate Washington is to break free from Collins’ contract, they will likely have to send a significant sum of money to anyone who wants to acquire it.

It is admittedly a strange time for these rumors to surface.

Collins arguably comes from his best performance for Burgundy and Gold, one that has a majority of fans wondering if he has a future in that defense as a boxing linebacker. At 27, he is in the midst of his prime and could be a potential solution to the burning questions of the LB squad.

It’s funny how quickly things can change in the NFL. One minute, Collins is apparently using the rest of the season as a try for his future at Ashburn. The following, it is available in trade negotiations just before the deadline.

The NFL never ceases to amaze.

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