What if the 12-team college football qualifiers were here? | College football

In recent weeks, the Big Ten and Atlantic Coast Conference commissioners have been pushing for an adjustment that would guarantee automatic offers only to the Power Five conference champions and the highest-ranked champion of the other five subdivision conferences. Bowl.

This suggestion was not well received by most of the other Commissioners, especially those outside of the Power Five who tried to shake off this distinction.

“I think in order to have credibility, I think there has to be a basis of fairness, which means you don’t give certain groups, divisions, conferences, in this case, privileged status. there isn’t any playoffs you can point to that, ”US Sports Conference Commissioner Mike Aresco said on Sunday.

Drew and Joe recap the Wolverines’ Big 10 Championship win over the Hawkeyes!

US track and field champion Cincinnati made history Sunday, becoming the first outside Power Five team to reach the four-team playoffs in their eight-year history.

But it should be noted that if a 12-team playoff format had been used this season, the teams and seeds would not have been different if the so-called six-and-six model had been used or the five-plus-one model. .

The odd part of how this has become a sticking point in expansion talks is that by using past final CFP rankings as an example, it wasn’t until last season that the top six Conference Champions did. would not have included every Power Five winner.

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