Who owns the Kansas City Chiefs? What are they doing for a living?

The Kansas City Chiefs franchise was created by the person who also co-founded the American Football League, and over sixty years later, the team continues to belong to the same family.

Dallas entrepreneur Lamar Hunt was unable to obtain a franchise in the National Football League in 1969 despite the support of the considerable wealth he inherited from his father, the oil tycoon HL Hunt.

A new league is born

In 1960, he initiated the founding of the AFL by talking to other entrepreneurs who had not joined the NFL either. The new league was launched with eight charter teams in 1960, including Hunt’s, Dallas Texans.

In order not to compete with the Dallas Cowboys of the NFL for a fan share, Hunt moved his franchise to Kansas City, Missouri in 1963, where they became known as the Chiefs.

Since then, the team has won Super Bowls IV and LIV. (Fun fact: Lamar Hunt is the person who coined the term “super bowl”.)

Passionate about sports, Hunt also founded Major League Soccer and co-founded World Championship Tennis. Besides the Chiefs, he also owned several football teams. The businessman also helped create theme parks in Kansas City.

The witness has passed

After his death in 2006, the property of the Chiefs fell to Hunt’s wife Norma and her children– Clark, Lamar Jr., Sharon and Daniel. Clark was elected by his other siblings to take over management of the team, and is currently its president and chief executive officer.

As the face of the Chiefs, Clark Hunt represents the team at owner meetings and looks after its day-to-day operations.

Clark, however, did not always work in the family business. After graduating with a business degree, he worked for two years at Goldman Sachs as an investment banker. After that, he returned to Dallas and started working for his father.

Manage a sports empire

Clark is a founding investor and owner of Major football league, and was involved in the operations of teams his father owned. He helped his father manage the Kansas City Wizards until his sale in 2006. He previously owned the Columbus Crew, and currently owns the FC Dallas franchise.

Clark Hunt is a billionaire businessman who has taken full advantage of the advantages offered by the wealth and fame of his ancestors, and knew how to make a name. Under his leadership, the Chiefs have had a successful run, making the playoffs seven times and winning two recent back-to-back Super Bowl appearances.

Kansas City leads the AFC West standings at 6-4, and if they continue their winning streak, they’re on the right track win the AFC West for a sixth consecutive season.

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