Who should Patriots fans root for in NFL week 8

Welcome to Week 8 of the 2021 NFL Regular Season! The New England Patriots won’t kick in until Sunday, when they play the Los Angeles Chargers on the road, but as always, the weekend kicks off earlier than that: Thursday Night Football is upon us. To find out who you should root for, be sure to check out our Patriots Rooting Guide.


8:20 p.m. ET

Green Bay Packers (6-1) to Arizona Cardinals (7-0): Have a good game! One of the most high-profile games of the season to date really doesn’t matter from the Patriots’ point of view. As a result, you can enjoy a stress-free evening. | FOX / NFL Network


1 p.m. ET

Miami dolphins (1-6) to Bison Tickets (4-2): Go dolphins! Miami beating Buffalo would help the Patriots move closer to their division rivals. This is the preferred outcome. | SCS

Cincinnati Bengals (5-2) to New York Jets (1-5): Go Jets! While rooting for the Jets goes against the natural instincts of Patriots fans, it makes sense here. After all, a loss for the Bengals would keep them closer to New England in the playoff seed race. | SCS

Carolina Panthers (3-4) to Atlanta Falcons (3-3): Go hawks! The Patriots will still face both teams, as will the Bills. The Jets have already lost to both, so they’re no longer relevant. That leaves the Dolphins, who lost to Atlanta but could still beat the Panthers. In this case, a Falcons win is the best of times: it wouldn’t open up the possibility of Miami improving their playoff tiebreaker strength if they beat Carolina in Week 12. | FOX

San Francisco 49ers (2-4) to Chicago Bear (3-4): Have a good game! Two NFC teams go head to head. It’s time to sit back and relax. | FOX

Pittsburgh Steelers (3-3) to Cleveland browns (4-3): Go Steelers! A win in Cleveland would have a positive impact on the strength of the Patriots’ schedule and possibly the win, but it would also allow the team to move further away from New England. It’s not ideal, but rooting for Pittsburgh is the way to go here. | SCS

Philadelphia Eagles (2-5) to Detroit Lions (0-7): Go Eagles! The Lions are in the hunt for the first draft pick next year. Any lost match will retain said choice of an AFC East team. | FOX

The Los Angeles Rams (6-1) to Houston Texans (1-6): Come on Texans! It probably won’t happen, but a win in Houston would be the best result for the Patriots. Why? Strength of the schedule and tie-breaking of victories. | FOX

Titans of Tennessee (5-2) to Indianapolis Colts (3-4): Go Colts! New England still have both teams on their schedule this year, so the game has no tiebreaker impact. In this case, let’s support the team with the worst record. | SCS

4:05 p.m. ET

Jacksonville Jaguars (1-5) to Seattle Seahawks (2-5): Go Jaguars! Jacksonville is on the New England schedule, which means this game has a potential impact on playoff tiebreaks. | SCS

4:25 p.m. ET

Washington football team (2-5) to Denver Broncos (3-4): Go the football team! The classic showdown between NFC and AFC. In this case, it makes sense to root on the NFC side. | FOX

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (6-1) to Saints of New Orleans (4-2): Go buccaneers! The game has no impact on the Patriots tiebreaker, so let’s support Tom Brady and company. | FOX

8:20 p.m. ET

Dallas Cowboys (5-1) to Minnesota Vikings (3-3): Go cowboys! A Cowboys win would improve the tie-breaking strength of New England’s schedule, despite the recent overtime loss to Dallas. | NBC

On Monday

8:15 p.m. ET

New York Giants (2-5) to Kansas City Chiefs (3-4): Go giants! The Giants are unlikely to beat the Chiefs, but Patriots fans should support the result. After all, a team of 3 to 5 bosses would already look a bit in the AFC. | ESPN

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